A year ago, Bitola hosted the first ever Mini Maker Faire in North Macedonia, and it was unlike any other faire seen in our country before! Over 2000 people from across the country came to see the amazing work of regional makers: 3D printers built by high school students, models of smart homes designed by IT students, recycling projects turning garbage into art, artisans making handmade leather souvenirs and trendy jewelry, dancing robots, video games, science projects, and more. Visitors could make their own Maker Faire badge at the 3D Doodling station, paint a portrait, make small gift notebooks and pendants, play video games, control LEGO Mindstorms robots, and join the street performance. The Faire was even visited by the then-Ambassador of the U.S. to North Macedonia Jess Baily. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, below are some snaps from the atmosphere. This year we are preparing an even greater diversity of maker projects and we can’t wait to show them all to you!